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Furniture Assembly

Do you have new furniture to assemble?

Furniture parts can be quickly and efficiently set up by our experts.

You've just updated your furnishings by adding a beautiful couch, bookcase, or closet, but you need to put everything together first before you can enjoy your recent update? 

We provide you for all of your furniture assembly needs to save time and stress.

Delivery Services

If needed, we can also assist you with the pick-up and delivery of furniture. It's the easiest method to get your new possessions delivered and put them together without effort.

Contact us now to assist with assembling furniture!

Kind of Furniture

  • Residential or commercial office furniture,

  • Workstation,

  • furniture for the living room,

  • bedroom furniture,

  • Bathroom furniture,

  • kitchen furniture,

  • Furniture for Playroom And Garage,

  • IKEA's furniture and others.



Having a project in mind and searching for a trustworthy construction partner, get a free quote today!


Head Office

2632 Rue Sabourin

Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 1M2

Tel: 514-963-9365

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